Your destination Levi

Levi is located in the northwest of Lapland; Levi is Finland’s largest ski resort and well-known for the annual ski world cup. With approximately 650 inhabitants, Levi is Lapland’s largest town in the northwest.

The picturesque winter landscape around the town of Levi, and temperatures down to minus 40°C in the winter months make Levi a location where snow and ice are guaranteed. The perfect conditions are inviting you to enjoy endless race conditions and to improve your driving skills up to a new level. Despite its remoteness, Levi offers a perfect infrastructure making the Armin Schwarz Rally & Driving Experience not only your greatest adventure in regards of rally sports but also a pleasant fantastic stay.

Find further information on the region, the country and its people with our cooperation partner: www.VisitFinland.com

The Armin Schwarz Driving Center

The Armin Schwarz Driving Center is located only 15 minutes from your hotel in Levi. The 300 hectare area offers innumerable options to take you and your car to your limits: all ice and snow conditions, circuits, load changing sections, handling turns with differing layouts and levels, all integrated into the landscape’s topography. Further, a highly demanding rally handling circuit with the typical Lappish snow wall is awaiting you. The top highlight of the Rally & Driving Experience is a rally special stage, prepared for our participants, as normally known from world rally championships only.

Sokos Hotel Levi

Sokos Hotel in Levi is located in the center of the ski resort Levi, less than 15 minutes by car from Kittilä Airport. The 4 star hotel offers 193 rooms and 9 suites.

It is important to us to make your Rally & Driving Experience in Finland’s harsh nature as pleasant as possible. Therefore we choose high standard hotels and superior rooms with personal sauna for all participants. Shops and restaurants are close by.